Use rewards to increase order frequency

Inspire your customers to do more while enabling them to redeem rewards easily, on their time and terms, with Message Rewards’ loyalty marketing services.

Mobile loyalty marketing has emerged as the next big trend in customer loyalty. Rather than fliers or keychains, mobile loyalty marketing allows customers to carry their rewards program around on their phones. Loyalty marketing also keeps companies top-of-mind with customers by allowing them access to deals and coupons at all times.

People are spending more time on their phones than watching TV, and the usage of mobile coupons is expected to increase this year. As a result, mobile loyalty marketing has become very important to businesses. Mobile coupons allow companies to reach, engage with, and inspire consumers through targeted campaigns.

Mobile loyalty marketing can be achieved by any company making it accessible to businesses across every sector. Mobile apps are available for everything from local shopping spots to restaurants or movie theaters. Customers can scan barcodes or upload images into these apps to collect points that they can later redeem at different locations in the future. Each redemption could reward them with discounts on purchases which encourage repeat business within a brand.

The popularity of this new marketing strategy has grown along with the use of smartphones. Many companies are still taking advantage of paper-based loyalty programs, but some chains are starting to switch online. Digital coupons and deals show customers that you value their business while saving your company money on costs associated with printing, distribution, storage, and more. When it comes to customer relations, digital coupon marketing offers many benefits not found in traditional marketing strategies.

What Is Mobile Loyalty Marketing?

Loyalty marketing through mobile devices leverages technology that allows businesses to track customer behavior and form relationships based on preferences and interests.

This type of targeted marketing can come in many forms, including using GPS coordinates to send notifications such as coupons or sales when a consumer is nearby the store. Other methods include sending offers and updates through text messaging, email, social media, and other marketing outlets.

Companies can even reward customers who opt-in with perks such as product discounts, special offers, and loyalty points that accrue for future purchases and referrals. This type of marketing allows for increased engagement between businesses and potential clients, helping companies build brand awareness.

Customer Loyalty marketing

No loyalty cards to carry. No app to download. With Message Rewards’ comprehensive technology, customers simply type in their number to access their rewards and reap the benefits of being a repeat customer. This is a fantastic way to increase your brands’ reputation; reward your customers who already love your business! For more information on how we can help you, please feel free to reach out today! Let’s get the ball rolling and increase your brand’s reputation. Our streamlined rewards program is designed with easy accessibility in mind for your customers so that they can be completely satisfied with the entire process.

Make participation easy

Using the kiosk, you can display and redeem rewards for customers every time they visit your store. Rewards programs have never been more accessible.

This provides a fast and efficient way for customers to collect rewards without the hassle of carrying around a punch card. The kiosk also permits employees to see at a glance who has earned loyalty points for future instant awards, special offers, or enhanced service with personalization tailored to each customer.

It is easy to reward anyone in your store using this method because it can be done on-the-spot right where they are standing at the time. In addition, businesses have an opportunity to display their most popular items close to their high-traffic areas. Using these strategies will help increase impulse buys among shoppers who otherwise may not have been interested in purchasing that item or additional purchase.

Customize reward tiers

Customize rewards and reward tiers and keep customers coming back for more. With our program, you can dictate exactly what you think your customers will want.

To achieve the best results, take advantage of rewards with a point system or a minimum dollar amount that customers must spend before redeeming. One important thing about using loyalty marketing is that you should always include a fast-to-redeem reward at a low tier so customers will feel encouraged to participate.

Also, it’s good to offer an incentive for higher tiers, something slightly better, or even just extra time, so customers are willing to stretch themselves and work towards earning those points. Offering higher tiers helps encourage shoppers who typically aren’t as incentivized by lower offers because nothing is required for them to earn those kinds of rewards.

Loyalty Marketing

Let customers choose to redeem their rewards immediately or save them for future use. Our rewards programs are extremely flexible to fit the needs of individual brands.

It allows customers to stretch their rewards into a future purchase or capitalize on a sale without missing out on anything. You can also provide customers with a great experience by offering them multiple ways to redeem their points. If you’re going to offer multiple kinds of rewards, be sure they’re all applicable in some way to your business and that customers can earn enough points for the higher tier.

You should include these numbers when communicating about your loyalty program if you know how many points will be needed at each level based on the average value per redemption. Customers have an idea of what they’ll be working towards from the beginning.

Customers pay attention to text messages. Making the most of this information is crucial for capturing their attention and cutting through the noise to make your brand heard. With Message Rewards, we make customer loyalty easy for our clients. Start a conversation and build trust with the ones who matter most.

How Does It Work?

With loyalty marketing, companies can build intimate connections with their customers and open a path of communication that feels more unique than other styles of marketing. By connecting over SMS, you can increase your brand loyalty and keep customers coming back for more. Three benefits of loyalty marketing include:

  • Make Participation Easy: Clicking through a complicated email, searching online through thousands of results, and scrolling past hundreds of products on social media is commonplace nowadays. But what do all of these marketing strategies have in common? They’re complicated. Customers have to click through several options before they even get to where they want to be, so why would they go to the trouble? With loyalty marketing, your customers can interact with a simple kiosk and immediately reap their rewards. You can send follow-up texts to remind them of promos and offers and build a symbiotic relationship.
  • Customize Reward Tiers: At Message Rewards, we get that not every approach works for all brands. That’s why we offer customizable reward tiers that are tailored to each company’s needs. Running an ice cream shop? Offer your customers a birthday reward or every fifth ice cream for free! Have a mechanic service? Let your customers rack up points that they can use for discounts on future services. Customize your reward tiers to the people you know best: your customers.
  • Redemption Flexibility: Sometimes, a simple one-day-only coupon code can drive sales. However, not every customer tends to feel the need to make an urgent purchase. To keep customers coming back, offer redemption flexibility and let customers redeem their points at every purchase or save them up for a bigger reward down the road.

Earn Customer Loyalty the Easy Way

There are a lot of ways you can market your brand. From email marketing to social media ads, getting your brand name out there has never been easier. But with so many easy options available, marketing platforms are oversaturated with ads, offers, and promos. How can you stand out above the competition?

With text marketing, your customers have direct access to your message and products. Simple and concise, texts get right to the point of your message: send a coupon code, use a link to a product release, or just say hello! Text marketing feels more personal because it is. You can connect right to your customers and built up your brand loyalty faster than any other method. Don’t make your customers jump hurdles to get in touch with you; make their buyer’s journey as easy as possible with loyalty marketing.

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If you’re ready to get started with a reliable and easy-to-use text messaging marketing system, Message Rewards is ready to help. With the power of mobile engagement on your side, growing contacts has never been easier. Keep your customers interested by offering reward incentives through fully customizable kiosks you’ll have access to in your store, with rewards programs you have complete control over. Don’t have an idea for rewards? That’s okay: we’ll help you set it up to keep your customers engaged with your brand, write texts for you, and even help with sending. Give us a call to get started today at (267) 566-3295, or send us an email at We can’t wait to hear from you.

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