Keep your loyalty programs running in the safest way possible

Remote Payment Systems have become the new norm. Remote Payment Systems for Bespeak enables merchants to practice social distancing while continuing to reward their most valuable customers with their business’s customer loyalty programs. If you choose to use a QR-code then that offers many different ways to increase customer interaction. Loyalty Programs are also a great way to increase customer engagement and retention. Loyalty Programs help customers feel special, creates new referrals and increases your overall revenue. Let Message Rewards create a win-win scenario for you today!

Keep customers checking in

Not only is the internet taking over by a landslide, but QR codes are a great touch-free and safe solution. QR codes provide easy access, a safe and user-friendly experience, and also provide relevant information for the consumer. Message Rewards helps generate unique QR codes that customers can scan to keep accumulating points without touching a screen. You can add many features to these QR-codes such as links to your company’s social media or even give access to your company’s wifi hotspot.

With unique QR codes, your consumers will be able to virtually interact with your organization, provide feedback, and help you with capturing conversions. QR codes help promote sharing and networking, and are a creative way for businesses to enhance SEO, while promoting call-to-action.

Loyalty Marketing

Continue driving loyalty through your loyalty programs.

Touchless check-ins offer ease of access and promote health-conscious customer interaction within your business. Keep your Merchant loyalty programs driving conversions and revenues while maintaining health and safety protocols. Your customers will thank you and will appreciate the versatility of the remote payment systems QR-Codes you use.

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Why Remote Payment Systems?


After the 2020 pandemic, online purchasing has completely transformed the way people shop. 

According to PWC  the number of consumers making mobile purchases more than doubled from 2010 to 2017, rising from 7% of consumers to 17%. In 2020, as many as 45% of consumers used their smartphone for mobile shopping.


It’s imperative to stay relevant with your consumers. The truth of the matter is that at any age, today’s audience is utilizing the internet. It’s important to offer mobile payment solutions, convenience factors and a positive experience for your merchant. Message Rewards is here to make sure your clients keep coming back. 


In today’s digital world, social distancing and web-based purchasing has become the new norm. Customers now purchase products from the convenience of their own living room, utilizing laptops and cell phones instead of shopping carts and plastic bags. 


Implementing A Safe and Healthy Consumer Environment

A touchless experience for merchants has become the mainstream culture of today. From QR codes to easy access urls, Message Rewards is here to help. As offices and restaurants return to business, new workplace safety requirements are emerging. Touchless check-in helps maintain the spread of COVID-19. It’s important to maintain important guidelines and utilize the latest technology to help implement a touchless and safe experience. Message Rewards helps companies deliver state of the art technology for companies who are promoting a safe and health conscious environment.  

Stay Relevant

Old programs hinder organizations and employees from staying relevant, healthy and secure in today’s ever changing world. Digital solutions give users the capability to stay up-to-date with user analytics, obtain signatures and attestations, and adjust visitor policies. Gone are the days of endless paper trails!

Key benefits of touchless check-in include:

  • Keep your business safe
  • Organize visitor check-in
  • Avoid crowded entrances
  • Contact Tracing 
  • Visitor management
  • Mobile Wallet capabilities
  • etc.

Implement the Latest Technology

Whether you choose to gamify, offer social sharing, or add in mobile wallet capabilities…. Touchless Check-in is essential with following social distancing guidelines and can offer ease of access for your customers. Connect with us online today and schedule a demo! We can’t wait to hear from you.


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For a safe, user-friendly experience in a rapidly changing world, it’s important to utilize the latest technology. Message Rewards is here to help. From QR codes, to toucheless check in and mobile wallets, we have a wide array of virtual services to cater to the modern consumer of today. Give us a call at (267)566-3295 or email us at and get started today!

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