Harness the power of mobile to encourage engagement.

Create and maintain customer relationships that encourage repeat business, referrals, and reviews with mobile engagement. Easily keep your customers in the loop using text marketing, whether its business updates or flash sales do it all with Message Rewards.

Capitalize on the proven effectiveness of mobile engagement

Research shows text messages have a nearly 100% read rate and generate 10-20 times the click-through rate of emails. Harness the power of mobile and build your customer database with mobile phone numbers to create more opportunities for response, interaction, and ROI.

Rewards programs are everywhere. Big brands have them, small businesses have them, and brands that don’t have trouble keeping customers. 🤔 Get the leads you want to see by increasing customer loyalty and offering rewards for signups. Keep them coming back for more, spending more, and save your business money on new customer acquisition costs.

Effortlessly enhance your customer database with mobile phone numbers for greater response and ROI. Drive growth by offering fresh content and new promotions, and keep them up to date with the latest company news at the tips of their fingertips! Boost sales and customer satisfaction levels by turning your employees into brand ambassadors, promoting company products through informative texts at the time of their choosing. Let them roam free from their desks, keeping business booming from anywhere with a mobile signal.

Use your in-store kiosk to reinforce your brand and messaging. Whether it’s a self-service kiosk or a purely informational kiosk, you can increase customer interaction with your brand. Make your business mobile with an integrated mobile wallet, conveniently allowing customers to purchase items without cash or credit cards. Merchants can offer discounts and deals that suit their target market – all tracked real-time through our easy-to-use dashboard.

Connect over Wi-Fi or 3G to automatically backup and secure your customer contacts. Ease of access features allow you to not lose this important and private information. Save the hassle and connect with us today. The money you make goes straight to your bank account, and the money you’ve spent goes toward your balance (the same as with other payment apps).

There are a million-and-one reasons why every brand should consider a text loyalty program. Humans are hard-wired for rewards, so it makes sense that we would want rewards for our brand loyalty. That’s where Message Rewards comes in.

We make text message marketing simple and effective, with easy-to-use kiosks, simple and effective loyalty schemes, and a comprehensive database to keep your ducks in a row. Our Mobile Engagement Solutions make brand loyalty and customer retention easy, all at the touch of a few buttons.

All About the Benefits

Customer retention is hard; mobile engagement has never been more effortless. Message Rewards offers an easy-to-use dashboard that tracks messages sent by businesses, messages received by customers, and the value of each conversation through rewards program coupons, discounts, or other incentives. Our technology works behind the scenes – just like your text messaging plan.

At Message Rewards, we work with businesses to help them grow customer bases that care about their companies. Through text alert reward programs, we help customers connect to brands, keep in touch, build up points for discounts, and more. Using the power of mobile engagement, we make text message marketing easy.

  • Growing Your Database: Almost everyone has a smartphone in their pocket. Almost everyone wants a discount when they go shopping. Combining these two facts makes sense, so why would you skip out on text message marketing? Offering a simple way for customers to opt into discounts allows businesses to grow their customer database with ease.
  • Using A Customizable Kiosk: When businesses sign up with Message Rewards, we’ll help with more than just sending out texts. We provide companies with a fully customizable kiosk that lets individual companies decide what program they’d like to provide to their customers, how they can sign up, and more. Customers can enter their phone numbers on the kiosk to sign up for rewards and redeem them the same way, meaning all of the data is store in one secure spot.
  • Keeping Your Contacts: Text message marketing is one of the best ways to keep your contacts, with a much higher retention rate than emails. Why? Have you ever started getting emails from some company you swear you never signed up for? Yeah, us too. With text message marketing, you must enter every contact with consent, meaning every lead is from an interested party. Your high-quality leads are far more likely to stick around than those who didn’t opt in at all.

The Power of Mobile Engagement Solutions

Message Rewards offers text-based marketing services to clients in any industry. Our team works with you through each step of the process, starting with creating tailored messages that suit your needs and sending out verification texts to ensure that your customers are ready for our work to begin. We then build a customized landing page for website visitors who opt-in, allowing us to send them insights about their shopping preferences. Finally, we deliver re-engagement campaigns to keep your customers engaged in between purchases or upsell them on higher-priced items when the moment is right. Organizations in all industries have discovered how effective text message marketing can be in capturing leads, prompting sales, increasing the frequency of visits, and building brand loyalty.

Everyone has a smartphone nowadays. With mobile devices ruling the technology landscape, finding new ways to interact with customers is more crucial than ever before — cue text message marketing. With Message Rewards, you can show up where your competitors don’t. Remind your customers that you’re there waiting without bothering them and offer them something they want: a reward!

We’ve all received a marketing text before. They usually include a link to a coupon, a tracking number, a discount code, or something else enticing. They each offer a reward for interacting with them, which is what Message Rewards helps our customers do. With our text message marketing services, you can be the reminder in your customers’ pockets driving leads to your brand, not competitors’.

Get Started Today

If you’re ready to start with reliable and easy-to-use Mobile Engagement Solutions, Message Rewards is ready to help. With the power of mobile engagement on your side, growing contacts has never been easier. Keep your customers interested by offering reward incentives through fully customizable kiosks you’ll have access to in your store, with rewards programs you have complete control over. Don’t have an idea for rewards? That’s okay: we’ll help you set it up to keep your customers engaged with your brand, write texts for you, and even help with sending. Give us a call and start today at (267) 566-3295, or send us an email at margo@messagerewards.com. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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