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With Message Rewards, you can prompt customers to provide reviews quickly. Can be done easily at in-store kiosks or via automated text messages while your product or service is fresh on their minds. Get a lift in response and quality using business reputation management tools today.

Business Reputation Management

Review generation

About 90% of customers say that what they buy influences their positive online reviews. For small and medium businesses, the very best thing owners can do is to attract more customers. At the same time, the best way is to maintain positive ratings on popular review sites. Message Rewards can help with our review generation services.

Using our streamlined processes, we are able to supply high-quality reviews for businesses. If you are looking for business reputation management services to help increase your brand’s reputation, get in touch today. We look forward to talking to you and helping you achieve your business reputation goals!

With Message Rewards, brands can offer incentives that encourage customers to share their positive experiences online.

Using our technology, a business can automatically send customized reminders. Created with direct links to review sites following a purchase or activity.

We’ll help make it easy for customers to share their positive experiences. All with using one-click social media sharing.

One of the first things consumers will check when shopping for a product or a service is the reviews. Without plenty of good reviews, sales a doomed to be slow. But how can you generate good reviews for your products and services? That’s where Message Rewards comes in.

With our business reputation management technology, we can help connect satisfied customers with simple ways to leave your business reviews. So your company can go from 😟 to 😃. We make it easy for customers so that they don’t have to go out of their way. This helps them and helps you.

Understanding Review Gen

Review generation is a simple concept, but getting customers to actually leave reviews can be tricky. Simply put, review generation is the process of gathering good reviews for a company. However, not everyone wants to take time out of their day to write reviews or take lengthy surveys. That’s why we implement three core strategies for business reputation management:

  • Incentivized Reviews: When we send out a review request, we expect it to take up some of your customers’ time. To give back, we offer incentives for them to finish the reviews. Whether it’s extra points for a loyalty program or a discount code, giving the customer something in return increases the likelihood of gaining a response.
  • Automated Reminders: Another strategy we like to employ is automated reminders. With our technology, we can send automatic text reminders to previous customers with links directly to review sites to make completion as easy as possible. We won’t waste your time with sending out messages, either; we can program our messages to trigger at specific times automatically.
  • Social Sharing: To gain both exposure and good reviews, we can also help customers share their experiences through social media channels using simple one-click solutions. We’ll make it easy to share on all the major channels to help your brand gain popularity and trust within your community. 

Want to learn more? At Message Rewards, we’re happy to help. With our business reputation management services, our expert team, and our forward-thinking technology, we can help put your business first in the rankings. Gain customer trust, brand loyalty, and good reviews in one neat bundle with review generation starting today.

Using Business Reputation Management

With so much competition out there, having a good reputation is crucial to reach customers. One of the best ways to prove your expertise is by having good reviews. With good reviews, your customers can see just how good your products or services are from the mouths of other satisfied customers, which gives you a unique edge over your competition. Manage the reputation of your business with our review generation services today.

Offering Incentives for Reviews

Turn customers into loyal advocates with business reputation management. By submitting reviews, your customers help you and receive something in return, which we help provide with incentives. Our text messaging platform is the perfect blend of simplicity and function for your review generation strategy; simply choose the message you’d like to send, decide on an incentive, and hit send. 

Sharing is Caring

In today’s social world, people learn about everything good on social media. Platforms like TikTok feature videos of restaurant reviews, Instagram accounts created around finding incredible nail art, and Facebook groups shared for like-minded motorcycle fanatics promoting brands. By prompting your customers to share their experiences with your business on social media, you can break into this new form of word-of-mouth.

Get Started Today With Business Reputation Management

If you’re ready to start with a reliable and easy-to-use text business reputation management system, Message Rewards is ready to help. With the power of mobile messaging on your side, growing contacts has never been easier. Keep your customers interested by offering reward incentives through fully customizable kiosks you’ll have access to in your store, with rewards programs you have complete control over.

Don’t have an idea for rewards? That’s okay: we’ll help you set it up to keep your customers engaged with your brand, write texts for you, and even help with sending. Give us a call to start today at (267) 566-3295, or send us an email at We can’t wait to hear from you.

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